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The perfect gift this Christmas


Despite their fearsome reputation for blood curdling battles and outrageous axe wielding, every Viking seeks inner calm.

Join Little Moose and his dog, Wolfie, as they find gentle happiness through adventure, play and just moosing around.

A book of inspirational sayings and delightful illustrations that help us appreciate the simple pleasures in life.


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Slow and sure is the way

I am the storm!

Finding Balance

What a wonderful book! The love in the drawings and the wisdom in the words is something for children and adults to share. I am in my 50s and a devotee of mindfulness, and have to say that this book brings something new and magical to the understanding of well being. There is real poignancy in the innocent rightness of Little Moose’s take on the world, his huge affection for his dog Wolfie and the simple, and priceless, joy of being together. Wise at beyond its apparent simplicity this is a book to share, to discuss and to return to on the days that get you down. Can’t wait to see the other books in this series. Truly recommended. A book to treasure

J.R. Wills