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The World of Little Moose and Wolfie

Mindfulness for Vikings is the first book in several series that are on their way over the coming months and years.

Follow Little Moose and Wolfie on their adventures in the mystical Norse land of Darkwater as they grow up from toddlers to young warriors.

We will take to this land where trolls roam and dragons roar. Where giants step amongst the mountains and the Gods watch over the fate of everyone in the village of Faerhaven.

Leo Hartas has been illustrating children’s books, magazines, comics and games for over 30 years. He finds his own inner calm running around a field in Devon, England dressed as Viking. He lives in a tumbledown cottage and hasa white fluffy cat called Dracula.

Amanda Boulter has spent many hours sitting on a cushion doing nothing (meditating). She has a black and white dog called Jess who likes chewing the piano (but it still works). She teaches creative writing at the University of Winchester, England.


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